The First Act…

Dramatis Personae: 

Craig Taylor – Technical Design Architect 

I am a Technical Design Architect for the Information Technology Business Unit in a multinational retail organisation. It’s not all design; in fact in our maturing environment, implementation, refinements & mentoring are becoming larger parts of my role. But I love mentoring, so that’s no bad thing.

I’m an ex-distance runner with false pretensions of being ‘competitive’, so if you want to see my tired-looking & recent-update-less blog for an insight into a past life, head over to ; There’s less hyphens there too. I also enjoy home-media and home-audio, so if you see the odd bit of Amp-Lust on this blog, don’t be alarmed! Normal service will be resumed shortly…

To give a flavour of the content you can expect to see on this blog, I intend to post a myriad of mixed material; a veritable scrapbook of technology paraphernalia if you will, including but not limited to:

  • Useful scripts or scriptlets I have written or come across in my travels (credit given to original authors where possible)
  • Guides to implementations of various Microsoft & Virtualisation vendor technologies, including some satellite level observations
  • Some good old consumer tech reviews, as my personal ‘fun budget’ allows
  • Any mentoring/ people management/time management/self management nuggets I feel worth sharing

I’ll expand on this more over the coming weeks, so until then, ciao for now!

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