RSA SecurID software token for Windows Phone 7.5/8 FINALLY released!

So, how did this one pass me by!?! My colleague, Richard Green, spotted this graphic on the EMC website today whilst poking around:

The more sharp eyed among you may have noticed that the feature software token is running on some sort of Windows Phone. Lo and behold, a search of the Windows Store yielded this EMC/RSA OEM app for Windows Phone 7.5/8.

Now, I’ve been crying out for this one for, literally, years. Somehow, this one got published without me even noticing! The publishing date and reviews say this was launched 19th December 2012, but I never saw it on the UK Windows Store. Either…

  • The date is wrong
  • It’s been out in the USA for a year

One thing that makes be believe the former – it’s still version 1.0.0 after ‘one year’ of existence. Pretty unlikely, in my opinion. Does anyone else know any better?

Download the application on your smartphone here.



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