Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Feature List – Velocity and more

Just a quick highlight of why you should be looking into Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

The new platform facilitates:

  • ‘SQL Server 2014 Velocity’ –  In-memory databases (or just some of the tables, if you prefer) – Take advantage of the every decreasing price of RAM and enjoy 10x-40x uplift in database performance, with no code changes. Totally achievable and totally baked into Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Make your storage HW do more for you by handling more in the pizza box/blade/sled…
  • Back-up straight to Azure – Easily create secure offsite backups of your critical databases
  • Cloud SQL Disaster Recovery capability – Recover your SQL platform onto the Azure platform
  • Cloud bursting into Azure – extend On-Premise solutions into Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure during seasonal peaks
  • A consistent management and operating platform between your on-premise and off-premise database solution

If you are paying for SA and ignoring this release, all I can ask is: What are you thinking? In my opinion, you’re leaving liquid gold on the table…

Ask yourself: Can your business afford to ignore these developments?


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