Day 2 of the Nokia Lumia 920 experience (There is no day 2)

After last weeks Windows Phone UK ‘launch’, I finally managed to find someone carrying stock in Reading yesterday. In my excitement, I purchased a matte black handset immediately, willing to forgive Nokia this minor transgression.

Day one was fantastic – Windows Phone 8 was just like Windows Phone 7.5, only Windows-ier… no seriously it was fantastic. Resizing tiles made the home screen way more useful, the SkyDrive integration was way stronger, including a means of backing up text messages for yo text kiddies out there.

I didn’t get much further than that on the OS though. The HW from the promised land of Finland may have many things – a cracking PureView camera, 4G antenna, NFC, Qi wireless charging, a PureMotion HD+ screen. However, it didn’t have the ability to take a charge. Day one was the only day I actually got to use the handset, as it’s battery wouldn’t take a charge last night and wont take one now!

I’m positively fuming! This is the ONLY time in my life I had this experience with a premium phone handset. I’ll be down Phones4U in the morning to return this glorious handset. Whether I give one another chance will entirely depend on my ire in the morn.

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